How Does This Work?

From design to tattoo, I have you covered.

Let's walk you through what to expect after you decide you want a tattoo.

The Design

First things first, we need some ideas. 

Not sure what you want? Why not start trying to answer some of the questions in this check list:

-Where would you like your next tattoo?

-How big would you like it?

-Have you seen a style (or a few), that you like?

-What do you want included in the tattoo?

(Don't worry if you don't have answers to all of them, I'll help with this if you would prefer).

Pinterest boards are a good idea if you know how to do this. If not send me a load of screen shots.

The Design Stage

This can look different depending on what you are wanting.

Most designs can be done on the day. Don't panic!

I will be doing these designs with you, using my iPad. You will be included in every step of the design process and asked multiple questions throughout. 

In some instances, I may need to take this home to work on it. I will let you know. In that case there is normally a 2-3 week waiting list on designs. 

If you would like to decide on the idea and go home and think, why not book a FREE 30min sketch up session with me? Watch me do the design and throw in any ideas you have along the way. 

The Consult

Consults are 100% free. If you do decide to book a date, I may ask for a small booking fee to secure your date and time. (This comes off the final price of a tattoo). 

Consults are anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending in how much you want to add. 

Consults are appointment only as I work on a flexible schedule.

Opening Times

Currently I operate a 7 day week. This means you can book your appointment for any day you are free (book ahead to save the days you want). 

Out of those weeks I aim to work on 4 days tattooing and 2 days for admin. 

I am currently running an appointment only system. If you do manage to pop in and I am not there, one of the lads will take your number and I will contact you asap. 

I'm Ready To Book My Day

Brilliant news! To book an appointment is super easy. 
I'm available on Whatsapp/Facebook/Insta/Email.

(See my Contact tab for details).

Send me a list of days you have available and I will check which ones I have free. 

What Will Happen On The Day?

I'm glad you asked. From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted by me or another member of staff. (I'll be making a cuppa!).

After filling a consent form, we will go through your ideas and get everything printed. 

I will inform you of everything that can happen with chosen areas, positions or any concerns you have. I always aim to inform you of every step and aftercare after.

You will then get a few different sizes to look at. Just let me know if you want bigger, smaller or an in between size.

Then it's time to clean up! You will be shaved, cleaned and then we will put your stencil on.

At any time during the stencil process, you can ask for changes in placement and size.

Then we wait. The stencil needs time to dry. So chill out, kick your feet up and i'll ask if you want a coffee or a drink.

Then we get tattooing. Let me know if you would like a break, I really don't mind myself ❤️

What Should I Bring?

Bring snacks, and a drink if you want.

Optional extra's you could bring:

-Hot water bottle

-Fleece (Mindful this could get stained)



-Entertainment (Phones/iPads/earphones etc)

-If the position allows, why not do a-bit of admin while you are here?


I like to keep this as simple as possible. Cream wise you either want something that says the words "Tattoo Aftercare", any of these will be fine. Alternatively the small round pot of Palmers Cocobutter will do the same job.

After your tattoo is complete, you will be responsible for the aftercare and keeping this clean.

So, what do I recommend?

 -You use clean hands when applying your choice of cream

-You wash your tattoo twice/three times a day with a non scented soap

-Any clothing that goes over your tattoo while it's healing must be clean

-No pets/kids allowed near your tattoo

-No sun exposure to the tattooed area

-Don't pick your tattoo

-No swimming until your tattoo is healed

-You can get your tattoo wet in the shower straight away, however avoid soaking it for longer than is required to clean the tattoo. (I.e bath time should be avoided until this is healed).

-Message me if you want to edit the aftercare, before you do this. Some things aren't good for tattoos, that you might not be aware of. 

At any point during the aftercare process, if you are unsure, please drop me a message. 

(Ask me if you would like a printed copy of aftercare).

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Numbing Cream

Here's a few facts you need to know before use. (I cannot apply this for you).

-Numbing cream is acidic
-Numbing cream can cause reactions like eczema in the area or chemical burns
-Numbing cream normally only lasts 30 minutes to an hour (even the packs that say 4+ hours). This is due to the low amounts of lidocaine (numbing agent) and the fact that your tattoo will be constantly wiped.
-Numbing cream is normally a placebo
-Numbing cream makes skin tougher to tattoo, meaning that the area will need to be worked harder, resulting in a harsher/slower healing process.
-Some numbing creams from Ebay and Amazon are actually Chinese knockoff fakes which cause skin damage.
-Numbing cream is expensive and you will probably need the full tube.
-Numbing cream might mean you need more time on your tattoo (another day) which you will be responsible for.
-With the use of Numbing cream, your tattoo might heal lighter and patchy.

If you do still want to use numbing cream:
-Make sure your buying a quality product not just a cheap pack from an online retailer.
-Make sure you have done a patch test a week before your tattoo
-Make sure you DON'T put it on any broken skin including healing tattoos. This will cause rashes and reactions and won't be advised from the manufacturer.
-Please read the label attached to your pack
-Please note that I don't recommend the use of numbing cream but it is entirely used at your discretion. You will be responsible for any reactions, lost appointments due to not being able to tattoo that area and any healing problems you will encounter.

That being said, if you are adamant you still want to use numbing cream, don't worry, I completely get it. You won't be judged or treated any different for using this. 

I like all my clients to be fully informed through out the tattoo process.

Thanks for reading this, I really hope this has helped you ❤️

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Find out more about problems with certain tattoo positions and with certain styles 👇