What Else Do You Need To Know?

Have you checked out the "How Does This Work?" page yet? 
I suggest checking that out first before this page.

Hand Tattoo's (Fingers, Knees, Elbows, Creases Are Included)

Here's what you need to know

-These areas have a tendency to wear and will require touchups.

- Chance of infection is higher on hands and fingers due to use while they heal (try to avoid this as much as possible). Creases also have a higher chance due to moisture and cracking.

-Ink on the fingers has a tendency to spread more than other areas.

-Coverups are more complicated / impossible on hands, fingers and elbows.

Please avoid any dirt or contaminants on these areas while they are healing.

Fineline Tattoos

Most tattoos will slightly spread over time. The problem with fineline tattoos is that sometimes the details are so close together that the tattoo will start to merge into itself. 

Please consider the size of the details when choosing fineline. Things like really small writing is a good example. (I will help you with this).

The Sun

Please avoid sunburn or too much sun exposure before your tattoo session. 

While your tattoo is healing, you will also need to keep this out of the sun.

After your tattoo has healed, you can get your tattoos out, but sunscreen will keep your tattoo looking fresher for longer. 

Opening Times

I am currently available for appointments only. This includes walk-ins and consults.

I currently offer FREE Consults and sketch-up sessions.

My day rate is £350.

Email subscribers receive a £50 discount for every day sit that they book. Making the day rate £300.

Sleeve Work

If you are dead set on a sleeve, let's start designing with the entire arm/leg in mind. Please let me know the theme and what you are envisioning prior to the day sitting.


Polynesian and similar related styles need a load of prep work from me at home. These sleeves can't be estimated in time due to the detail.

I have decided, due to how much extra time is needed on these types of sleeves, that my £300 day sit offer can't apply.

Previous sleeves are the exception to the rule. 

Covering Scar Tissue

I will need to see the scars before we start. But here's a rough guide.

-I will only cover scars that aren't purple

-Deep/ thin/ stretch mark style scars don't have many layers of skin to play with. If you have one of these I will need to see it in person.

-The older the scar, the better.

-Large scars aren't necessarily a problem

-Firm/Hard/Older scars are usually easier

-If the scar is raised, you will unfortunately still be able to see the raise after a coverup

-Self harm scars: Mild to moderate are easy to cover. Intense self harm scars may need more thought.


First things first, have you considered laser removal?

This will open your options to what we can use as your coverup and will mean your tattoo can be lighter.

If you are dead set against laser, don't worry! A-lot of people are. So what do we do?

-I need a good picture of what you have (sometimes I will need to see this in person)

-I need to know what you like/ styles you are into

-Do you have any ideas?

-I have to go bigger than what you already have.

-Normally covering finger tattoos and some hand tattoos isn't possible.

What Do I Need To Know About Coverups/Reworks?

-Coverups are usually quite dark. We can normally go a tone or two lighter than what you have, but that's it.

-Your choice of design is limited to what we are covering. Some ideas simply will not work.

-Sometimes the lines may show back through, I will touch this up if it does. 

-The expression "I can only f*ck with the d*ck i've got" greatly applies to reworks and coverups. 
This means I can do my best, but it depends on the tattoo I have in-front of me. (This is where laser comes in and helps massively).

Sometimes this means I can only straighten certain lines on reworks, if it's completely off we will have to come up with a work around. 

-Coverup work is extremely complex and usually takes a minimum of a day sitting depending on the size.

-Coverup work is intense. Normally I am going over scar tissue and doing full colour (includes grey colour), so be prepared for a big sitting.